General conditions of sale

Article 1. Preamble
The present general conditions of sale apply exclusively between Swiss Trek watch SARL ,Av. Charles-Naine 34 CH-2304 LA CHAUX-DE-FONDS Switzerland (further on "Us"), and any person visiting or buying via the site  (further on "you"). Every net surfer can enquire into the general conditions of sale on the site . These general conditions of sale can be modified; the conditions applying are the one in force at the date the order was placed.

Article 2. Contract
2.a: Conditions to place an order.
You declare being aged of at least 18 years old and having the legal capacity or a parental authorization that allows you to place an order on the site.
2.b : Stages of conclusion of a contract.
After having placed your order, you receive an e-mail that confirms the elements of your order and that informs you about the next sending of it in the announced times. This electronic mail forms thus the sale contract between You and Us. If for a reason independent of our will, one or more articles couldn't be delivered within the times indicated, we would send you a new mail to hold you informed about the new date of availability of the out-of-stock item(s).

Article 3.Price, availability and delivery
3a: Payment
The prices posted on the site are indicated in Swiss francs, euros, and American dollars, excluding carriage costs, handling charges, and taxes of cash on delivery. Any order placed on the site Swiss Trek watch SARL can in no case been cancelled once the goods were sent.
3b : Address of delivery and invoicing
The goods are delivered at the address indicated by the consumer on the purchase order. The consumer has to check the state of the packing of the goods at the delivery and to announce any damage due to the carrier on the delivery order, as well as to Swiss Trek watch SARL , within the time of one week. The consumer can, at his own request, obtain the sending of an invoice at the address of invoicing and not at the address of delivery by validating the option envisaged for this purpose on the purchase order.
3c : Delivery problems due to the carrier
Any anomaly concerning the delivery (damage, missing product compared to the delivery order, damaged parcel, broken product) will have to be imperatively indicated as of reception. In case of damage, the customer would have to address himself in parallel to the carrier at the latest the first working day following the delivery date.
3 d: Delivery error
The consumer would have to formulate to Us the day of the delivery or at the latest the first working day following the delivery, every complaint of error of delivery and/or not conformity of the products in kind or in quality compared to the indications being reproduced on the order. Any complaint formulated beyond this time will be rejected. The formulation of this complaint to Us could be made :
- by e-mail 

Article 4. Customs duties
Any order placed on the site and delivered outside Switzerland could be subjected to possible taxes and customs duties that are imposed when the parcel arrives to destination. These customs duties and possible taxes dependent on the delivery of a product are with your load and on your own responsibility. We are not held to check and to inform you about the customs duties and taxes applicable. In order to be acquainted with them, we recommend you to contact the proper authorities of your country.

Article 5. Returns
Thanks for agreeing to take note of our policy of returns applicable to the articles which we sell. In the event of delivery of an article not in conformity with your order or damaged during transport, thanks for agreeing to consult our policy of delivery (article 3). To be accepted, any return will have to be announced as a preliminary to the Customer service 

Article 6. Reserve of property
The delivered goods will remain our property until you have filled all your obligations in our opposition, and in particular until the integral payment of the price.

Article 7. Guarantees and responsibility
7a. : provisions of the legal guarantee of the hidden defects
We commit ourselves taking all the care in use in the profession for the implementation of the service offered to the customer. Nevertheless, our responsibility could not be retained in the event of failure with our contractual obligations because of a fortuitous occurrence or of a case of absolute necessity as defined by the jurisprudence pronounced by the Swiss jurisdictions. Our responsibility will not be committed in the event of delay due to an out-of-stock condition at a manufacturer or the supplier. Moreover, in the event of non substantial differences between the photographs of presentation of the products on our site, texts and descriptions ordered, our responsibility will not be committed. We implement all the means We have to ensure the services, objects of these general Conditions of sale. We are responsible for any damage direct and foreseeable at the moment of the use of the site.
7b : provisions of the guarantee of the bought products
We commit ourselves replacing the possible defective products. If the latter can be replaced, they will be in no case refunded. The guarantees of the products bought on the site are identical to those practiced in Jewellery-Clock industry. In the event of request for repair of a product whose guarantee will have expired, the prices charged will be those in force, a preliminary estimate being able to be required at the manufacturer, at a cost of 50,00 Swiss francs, deductible from the invoice if repair is carried out.

Article 8. License of access to the site
We grant you a license limited to the access and the use of the Site for your personal use. You are in no case authorized to download or modify whole or part of this Site without Our written and express authorization. This license does not enable you in any case to use, for the sale or any other commercial use, this Site or its contents (products listed, descriptions, prices, remote loadings or copy of information for the account of another tradesman, graphics, images, texts, photographs, etc). This Site or any part of this Site should in no case be reproduced, copied, sold or exploited for commercial reasons without our express and written authorization. You should not use techniques allowing to copy a mark, a logo or any other information (in particular images, texts, models) of which We are owners without our express and written agreement.

Article 9. Comments, criticisms, communications and other contents
The users of this Site can address Us criticisms, comments or any other contents, subject Us suggestions, ideas, questions or any other information as long as these contents are not illegal, obscene, abusive, threatening, defamatory, contravening the rights of intellectual ownership, or prejudicial with thirds and does not consist or does not contain any data-processing virus, political militancy, commercial request, mailing of mass, chain or any other shape of "Spam". You should not use a false e-mail address, usurp the identity of a person or an entity, nor lie about the origin of the contents. We reserve ourselves the right, with our whole discretion, to remove or modify any contents.

Article 10. Valid rights and jurisprudence.
These general conditions of sale are submitted to the Swiss jurisprudence related to the international sale contracts of goods. All litigious procedures related to an existing commercial relation between You and Us are submitted to the swiss jurisdictions and exclusively through the ''Tribunal Cantonal de Neuchâtel''.The registered office of Swiss Trek Watch Sarl is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds.


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