Previously know under the name of SAW Co S.A., the watchmaking enterprise located in La Chaux-de-Fonds changed its name at the end of 1999 and is now called HOROSWISS S.A. This name change is the result of an agreement reached between Horoswiss and S.A.B.I. (Swiss Army Brands Inc. with offices in Bienne, Switzerland and Shelton, Connecticut, USA.

As a result of this accord, SAW Co gives up all rights to the use of military labels, including its own name, and agrees mot to manufacture pseudo-military type products. In addition, SAW becomes a supplier to S.A.B.I.
The company will now focus on a new style of timekeeper in the "sport adventure" category, specializing in high quality steel pieces that are water-resistant. Production has already begun on the first model. As showcase pieces of its collection, the brand is creating exclusive watches with a particular level of technical features such as compass watches, solar watches, mechanical and quartzchronographs, as well as a more modest range of automatic timepieces. New and complementary models will be introduced by next summer.

Horoswiss is also maintaining its private label clientele and has plans to expand this aspect of its business. The brand has two major advantages working in its favor as it starts producing under its new identity. It has an efficient and well-established network of after-sales service and it enjoys tremendous "good will" because of its activities in all of the world's major watch markets over the last decade.

Horoswiss is headed by Michael Vrolixs, who represents the fourth generation in a long line of Swiss watchmakers.


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